We thank you for taking the time to read the following post carefully:

Solid Rock Church is located in Madison Heights, VA. The Lord has both blessed us and tasked us with the work of the ministry in many different forms within the Madison Heights area.
This would include, but, of course, is not limited to:
-the Food Bank ministry we operate that feeds 100s, if not sometimes 1,000s, of people in the Madison Heights area each month;
-a growing Missions team that provides Christmas to children in the Harlan, KY and War, WV area, as well as Madison Heights, VA;
-an ever-expanding Youth Department that educates school-aged children in the Word of God and plans to provide more outreach and events that are tailored for the Youth in the Madison Heights area.
The majority of this work is performed by volunteers and donations by people in our community.
Recently, information regarding a supposed “gaming” establishment that wishes to open a location in Madison Heights has been circulating on Facebook, and there have even been requests by the voters of Amherst County to sign a petition either allowing or disallowing this company to build in Madison Heights.
Whether through misunderstanding or deliberate misleading, many of us in the Madison Heights area were led to believe that the “gaming” establishment was NOT a casino or casino-like business and that it would provide jobs to the community, as well as (and here’s the kicker) DONATIONS to local charities and organizations, specifically CHURCHES, in the area it was being built in.
Solid Rock Church was approached by individuals who are in favor of the “gaming” establishment coming to Madison Heights and made aware of the DONATIONS that this establishment would potentially be interested in giving to the Church.
HOWEVER, in the course of any exchange that took place between Solid Rock Church and this “gaming” establishment, it was made apparent that they were, in fact, quite obviously, and clearly a CASINO.
Scripture is very clear on the topic of gambling.
Proverbs 13:11, 1 Timothy 6:10, Ecclesiastes 5:10 are some specific Scriptures on the subject.
Part of being entrusted with the work of the ministry is making sure that the Word of God is preached, and it clearly teaches that gambling is a sin. Solid Rock Church is founded upon the principles of the Bible, and we cling to its precepts and teachings, whether or not it benefits us or otherwise.
To accept money from a gambling establishment could be misconstrued as an agreement to not speak about what the Bible has to say on the subject. Solid Rock Church HAS NOT nor will we EVER accept money from any GAMBLING establishment for this very reason.
It has come to our attention, that some believe we have accepted funds or would be willing to accept funds from Rosie’s Gaming Emporium, which is the “gaming” establishment that plans to open a location in the Madison Heights area.
The following is a quote directly from our senior pastor, Dr. David Cash: “I wish to state for the record that we will not support or endorse in any way a casino coming to our neighborhood!!”
Solid Rock Church never has and never will be in support of any type of gambling. We have never taken money from any casino and never will. Anyone that says we have is lying to you, or is, at the very least, misinformed.
Make whatever judgment you wish on the establishment of a casino in Madison Heights, VA, and even on any church, charity, or outreach organization that would accept funds from a casino/gambling establishment.
But, as for Solid Rock Church, we do not endorse, support, or accept “donations” from casinos, we never have, nor will we ever, and we do so out of the conviction we hold due to the teaches of the Holy Scriptures.