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Fellowship Christian Academy

At Fellowship Christian Academy (FCA), we are committed to providing a superior educational experience entirely from the comfort of your home. Our online school harnesses the power of innovative digital tools and expert-led instruction to deliver a comprehensive, engaging curriculum tailored to each student. FCA emphasizes a holistic learning approach, blending academic rigor with essential life skills, fostering an environment where students are not only educated but also inspired to pursue their passions and talents. With a flexible learning schedule, our students enjoy the freedom to learn at their own pace, ensuring a balance between educational pursuits and personal development. At FCA, we are dedicated to nurturing the minds and spirits of our students, preparing them for success in both their academic and future professional endeavors

Kindergarten Tables

K - 3

In the foundational years of K-3, Fellowship Christian Academy (FCA) focuses on nurturing young minds with a blend of creativity, curiosity, and foundational skills. Our interactive and engaging online platform is designed to capture the imagination of young learners, introducing them to the joys of reading, basic mathematical concepts, and the wonders of the world around them. Through personalized attention and an enriching curriculum, we lay the groundwork for lifelong learning, ensuring each child receives the support and encouragement they need to thrive academically and personally.

School classroom

3 - 12

For students in grades 3-12, FCA offers a diverse and challenging curriculum tailored to meet the evolving needs of growing minds. As students progress, our program intensifies focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning skills, crucial for academic success and future endeavors. Subjects are taught with an emphasis on real-world applications, preparing students for higher education and beyond. The nurturing online environment fosters a sense of community and collaboration among peers, despite the physical distances, creating a supportive and dynamic learning experience.

Adult Students

Adult Courses

Fellowship Christian Academy proudly offers Adult Courses specifically designed for individuals who are seeking to complete their grade school education and earn a high school diploma. Understanding the challenges that come with resuming education later in life, our program is crafted to provide a supportive, flexible learning environment that accommodates the unique needs of adult learners. Our courses cover essential academic subjects, ensuring that students gain the knowledge and skills required for a high school diploma. With experienced instructors, a compassionate community, and a commitment to individual success, FCA’s Adult Courses empower students to fulfill their educational goals and open new doors of opportunity

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